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Cuban food is typically very meat-centric, so many of these dishes are not for the vegetarians among us. However, there is also a focus on tropical produce like plantains and guava. If you’re heading to Cuba or to a Cuban restaurant, you are in the correct place. Here is our complete menu. Make your list and give us a call. We speak Spanish.


Croquetas de la casa


Frituras de Malanga

Malanga fritters


Maza Frita, Yuca frita o Tostones

Chunks of pork, onions, fried yucca and Tostones



Cuban Sandwich

Cuban Sandwich


Pan con Lechon

Roasted Pork and Onions


Habana Blue Sandwich


Cuban Main Meals

Fricasé de Carnero
Lamb fricassee


Ropa Vieja
Cuban Popular Plate "Ropa Vieja"


Rabo Encendido
Oxtail cooked in tomato Sauce


Bistec Encebollado
Beef with Onions


Picadillo de Carne de Res
Sheered Beef


Pescado Frito entero
Habana Blue Snapper



Enchilado de Langosta

Lobster enchilado Cuban Style


Camarones al Ajillo

Shrimp with garlic sauce


Filete de Tilapia a plancha

Grilled Fish Fillet



Ensalada Fria Cubana

Cold Cuban Salad


Habana Blue Salad

Mixed vegetables with house dressing


Avocado and Tomatoes



Bistec de puerco Encebollado

Grilled pork steak in sautéed Onions


Puerco Asado

Roasted Pork


Bistec Uruguayo

Uruguayan Steak


Mazas de Cerdo Fritas

Fried Pork sections


Puerco Asado en Cazuela



Pollo Frito Di Tu (Pechuga)

Fried chicken breast


Pollo Frito Di Tu (Muslo)

Fried chicken Legs





Malta Goya o Hatuey




Bottled Water


Batidos de Frutas


Batidos de Helado


Jugos Naturales




Flan Cuban Style


Pastelitos de Guayaba


Casquito de Guayaba




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